Joomla Install



Ok, I am following the instructions in the email for the install, but one section is puzzling me. It says:

Step 3:
Leave everything alone except for the following:
Path : remove just the “/.blah/” part… leave the rest!
Your E-mail : enter your email address.
Admin password: you may want to change this.
Click “Next >>”

The part for the path… if I take it out just as it looks on the screen, I’m not too sure that is will be right. What I am seeing is this:


If I change it the way the instructions say, it would look like this: /homemyusername/ and I’m not too sure that is right.

Can someone confirm that with me? I am thinking I still need to leave a forward slash in there between ‘home’ and ‘myusername’.



Yes, you’re right. You need a forward slash between directoires (always). It should look like:

just an fyi, you’re removing the name of your server from the path. The way DH has things set up, scripts like this pick up the server name as part of your path. While things will work with this setup, should you ever be moved to an other server it would break. So it’s just best to get rid of it at the beginning. If you ever install a blog/forum/wiki/whatever on your own you’ll want to remember to do this there too.

–Matttail - personal website