Joomla Install Directories

Is it possible for Joomla to be installed in one URL (like but be the site displayed at the main URL (like

And if so… how?

Thanks in advance for any help, info, and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Yes, this can be achieved a number of ways. Possibly the easiest is by adding the following line to your .htaccess file.

redirect 301 /index.html

There was a thread a while ago on doing a similar thing for a WordPress install which you might find interesting.


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Those are very good instructions from Raz2123, and should do what you want, but I can’t help but wonder why you don’t just install the Joomla in your “home” directory?

There is certainly no reason why you can’t do it the way you are describing; I’m just curious :wink:


Hi Raz2133 & rlparker,

@Raz2133: Thank you for the info. I’ll keep the redirect example in case I need that. I did see that WordPress topic, it is a similar issue.

I’m hoping to find another solution if I can though other than redirection for my Joomla issue.

@rlparker: Yes it would work, but I’m hoping not to use redirection (for this purpose) unless I have to.

I tried to install (DH One-Click) Joomla to the home directory, but I got an error message that the directory was not empty and the installation failed. I have several folders and files there already (images, a forum, etc.).

I temporarily renamed the images folder and removed the files from the root, thinking maybe if nothing was named the same I could get Joomla installed into home… still failed as it seems Joomla needs a totally empty directory to install to.

Next I tried installing Joomla to /joomla but on Step 3 of the Joomla installer I used the URL and path of my home directory. The install completes, but then errors when accessing the Joomla Admin login (I sure this is because the install directory, URL and path all need to be identical… it was worth a shot).

I was hoping that Joomla would work like MT… install it anywhere I want, config it, login, and -then- tell it where I would like the content to reside.

I like MT and I will use that for what it is… a great blog. But MT is not Joomla… a true CMS.

Maybe another possibility is to back up the domain again, wipe it clean, install Joomla to home, then put everything else back in it’s place. That would be a pain, other than redirection… I’m having brainlock. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m open to more suggestions. :slight_smile:

It looks like you have a pretty good handle on the issues, and certainly one way to approach would be the “wipe” and redo, though I understand why you would rather not go that route (having done it myself more than once!)

One of the “quirks” of the “one-click” installs is that, in order for the Dreamhost “auto-install” scripts to handle them, and their updates, they do require their “target” directories to be empty. This is really only necessary when installing these applications using the “one-click” installer; if you install them traditionally (they are very automated already :wink: ), you can put them in a directory that has other directories and files (you just have to make sure you don’t have more than one file with the same name :wink: . What this generally mean in practical use is that one application lives in the “domain.tld” directory, and the other live in either sub-directories or sub-domains (because of conflicting .htaccess files, re-write rules, index.php files, etc).

Since you have already built the required database (as part of the “one-click” install), you might consider just installing the code yourself by grabbing the latest Joomla package from Or, you can use the panel to “create another database”, and then proceed if you wish.

While installing Joomla! yourself might seem to be complicated, it is really very simple and if you learn to do that, installing your own instances of Joomla!, WordPress, and other scripts yourself will give you a lot more flexibility.

I suggest you take a few minutes over at reviewing the installation instructions before you decide how to proceed. You may well decide to “give it a go” yourself ion order to get the directory structure you want without a complete rebuild of the domain. :wink: Good luck, and post back if you want need more help or discussion.

Using sub-domains is also an option you should not overlook, as that gives you a lot of possibilities (Joomla on domain.tld, forum.domain.tld for your forum, blog.domain.tld for your WordPress blog, etc.)

I also think that, at the end of the day, you will not really be happy with “forcing” the url to be what you want via a “hard” redirection - it will add a small amount of additional latency to your site’s response, and could, down the road, complicate things considerably as that redirection interacts with the re-write rules many of these applications (wordpress, joomla, etc) use to “prettify” their urls. While it may seem to be extra work to get it sorted now, it won’t be any easier after you have all the applications successfully installed. If it were me, I’d bite the bullet and get it set up the way I really want it even if I do have to “wipe” and “reload” - but that is just my opinion, and YMMV! :slight_smile:


Thanks rlparker,

I appreciate the reply. I’ll do the manual install and see how that works (couldn’t be that much different than any other script app and another learning lesson for me). :slight_smile:

Again thanks. :slight_smile: