Joomla & Hostname


I’m using the one-click to install Joomla on

It works just fine – except that it’s not getting installed with the hostname I select in the setup process. (Yes, you can assume I’ve installed/deleted several times & the same problem keeps happening…)

I’m selecting “”, but when I get the successful setup email from Dreamhost, it lists another hostname. (This time “”, which is another domain I host thru the same Dreamhost account.)

Now, I know I selected the at setup because I saved the webpage as .pdf just before starting. So it isn’t me doing something funny, as far as I can tell.

There is commentary on the MySQL page that says the hostnames are interchangeable.

But it also gave me a warning when I removed an old hostname ( – and told me that any scripts using that now-defunct name would fail.


  1. Do I need to worry about this?
  2. Is there something in the setup process I’m doing?
  3. Maybe something I can change in the Joomla control panel?

Help & thanks!



I believe the ‘interchangeability’ reflects that whichever address you point your script to, it ultimately winds up at the same place.
If you ‘delete’ one I think that refers only to a ‘link’ to your database, so if any scripts specifically point to and you delete it, they mightn’t find it, but you could change their config to point to and it would work if that link is a valid one.

You can test this by going to your phpMyAdmin address for your ‘second database’ - but type in your user/pass for your ‘first database’.
You’ll find you’re actually at the same place.

I think of them as redirects and it’s the user/pass combo that decides what you see when you get there.


Yeah you can use any of the db hosts in your account, they are interchangable.

I baffled myself witht his same thing for a while.

Would be nice if the emails came through with the “correct” details though…


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