Joomla FTP settings

Building a site for a client.
Need to fill in the Joomla FTP settings during configuration - after the initial install.
If I try to use the settings for Filezilla that work for Filezilla they do not work for Joomla. The auto email that the install sent did not detail how to fill this out.
The Wiki did not seem to say or I missed it. And this forum did not say at least from my searches.

DNS is pointing to the domains DreamHost Name Servers.

AUTOFIND FTP PATH button does not find the path.
VERIFY FTP SETTINGS button does not verify. Thus the questions…

Here is what I need to fill out.
User: (I am assuming this is the FTP user)
PW: (I am assuming this is the FTP PW)
FTP Root Path: /home/user_name/
(I installed Joomla in the Shop directory.)
FTP Host: (I am assuming this is the FTP host that works in Filezilla)
FTP Port: (? is this 21)

Any help is very appreciated.
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Actually, the auto email skips that step because the FTP layer should not be used/enabled at all on DreamHost. It is important that you understand joomla! does not need to utilize the ftp layer at all when installed on a DreamHost shared server.

If you do include setup information for an ftp layer, joomla! will try to use it, and if it is not setup properly, or there are permission issues between the ftp user for the ftp layer and the machine user that is joomla! is running under (your user), you will have problems.

Even if you have the ftp layer setup “correctly”, unless you use your own ftp user when setting it up, and use a directory within your own machine user’s space, you will have permissions issues due to the way security is setup on DreamHost and the linux filesystem’s permission management. There is more information about all of this in a previous post where this is discussed.

If you review the information in that post, you will see that you should not use the ftp layer on DreamHost; it is only needed for some systems that do not have the “robust” PHP-CGI environment that DreamHost offers (running under suEXEC).

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thank you so much for your post and the one you linked to below.
I searched for Joomla FTP and the search did not find that post under All forums.
Thanks for helping me move forward!
Joomla is now installed!
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You are welcome! I am glad that you found that helpful, and are now able to proceed! :slight_smile:

The search facility for these forums can be a bit non-intuitive, and it is easy to miss stuff. The main tricks to getting useful search results here are:

  1. Make sure to set the “and” condition in the pull down (it defaults to “whole phrase”, which will produce results only rarely)

  2. Make sure to set the time period to something much longer than the “1 week” that is the default.

With those parameters, you can find stuff - that’s how I found that old post!

–DreamHost Tech Support