Joomla Email Settings

I’ve recently installed a Joomla and, so far, I like it very much although there is a bit of a learning curve and the documentation can be confusing.

My problem is interfacing my DH email to Joomla. For this particular site I really need the “contact us” menu item to work and I just cannot seem to get it. DH support told me to use sendmail and gave me the path /usr/sbin/sendmail

When I try the contact item, nothing happens and no mail comes through to me.

I’m hoping that someone with Joomla experience can help me out on this.

I’d really appreciate it!


The following configurations work for me -

Joomla Global Configuration - Mail
Mailer - Sendmail OR Php Mail Function
Mail From -
From name - My Greeting
Sendmail path - /usr/sbin/sendmail
SMTP User -
SMTP Pass -
SMTP Host - localhost

Components - Contacts - Manage Contacts
Cat - contacts
Linked to user - none
Name - Site Admin
Position - Site Admin
Email -

(With the parameters amended to show only what I need users to see.)

The email address is my dreamhost one which auto-forwards to my isp email address.

The main problem I had when setting up this mailing form was realising that you NEED to have entries in the Contact component before it’ll work.

Hope that is of some help

The menu item “works” after you create a contact entry. You need to log into your administrator area (back end) and go to Components --> Contacts --> Manage Contacts. You can edit the default contact and/or add additional contacts.

The default DH installation for sending email (in Joomla) works fine and you should not have to mess with it at all.

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Thanks. Got it working after some help from support. I am a newbie on Apache and was unfamiliar with some of the language used. I did not realize that /usr/sbin/sendmail was a literal.

With all this stuff, when it works, it WORKS!