Joomla! Email Question

I used to have email forms working on my Joomla! website, but for some reason emails aren’t getting sent out any more. Can someone help me make sure I have my configuration.php configured correctly and which mailer is the best choice? (PHP, sendmail, or SMTP)

var $mailer = ‘sendmail’;
var $mailfrom = ‘’;
var $fromname = ‘Eva Translation Services’;
var $sendmail = ‘/usr/sbin/sendmail’;
var $smtpauth = ‘0’;
var $smtpsecure = ‘none’;
var $smtpport = ‘25’;
var $smtpuser = ‘’;
var $smtppass = ‘’;
var $smtphost = ‘localhost’;

Ok. I figured out the problem. It had to do with the “Contact Enhanced” module settings I had set. It works now.