Joomla email configuration help

I’ve installed Joomla via the one-click install. Afterwards, I configured a “contact” to provide an email form back to my Gmail account. In testing with the default one-click configuration, no email was being sent, either to my email account or the sender’s account (on copy).

I’ve tweeked with the Joomla global configuration for email in various combinations, including using the email account and password for my domain. None worked.

Can anyone shed some light on the proper configuration for this to work?


Hi, I’ve never had to ‘configure’ the email. I’ve always left it as it is. Nope, never used SMTP.


Did you manage to get this resolved? I have the exact same issue as well. Much appreciated!

No, I didn’t. I was under a time crunch so I fell back to a plain mailto: link.