Joomla Control panel

Yesterday, I installed Joomla on my site and explored through the whole control panel.
Today when I am again logging in as Admin, I am unable to get the Admin Control Panel. All I can see is the User Menu under which following sections are found:-
Your Details
Submit News
Submit WebLink
Check-In My Items

I have not created any other user id yet… Don’t know why the Administrator cannot access the control panel.
Please help. Thanks.

have you tried going to the url directly? :





Yes… That worked. Thanks a LOT ! :smiley:

No problem…the “menu link” to the administrator section of Joomla! is defined in the menu system, so you can determine where it will, or won’t, display…if you want, you could modify it to “show” in the “user” menu for logged-in users that have sufficient permissions - I just generally don’t bother, and access it directly via that url. I’m glad you got it!