Joomla! Contact form mail problems

Actually 2 problems.

Joomla 2.5.x
New install
Captcha set up.

If I go to an “article” and click on the email icon, fill in the form, email is sent and received as expected. (So email is working)

If I use the “contacts form” fill in the form, which includes a captcha field it “thanks me for the email” but the email is never delivered to the recipient.

I wondered if it might have anything to do with captcha, but have been unable to figure out how to get rid of it in order to eliminate it as a possible cause. Change global config, and disable the captcha plug in, but the form still shows captcha as a requirement, although there is no form field to fill in for it and no captcha display.

A goggle search on Joomla, mail and contact forms shows lots of other people with similar problems… Mail not working, but could not find a good solution.

Thanks for any help.

Who is the email coming ‘from’? That is, does it come from