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Has anyone tried the sample component at: ? I just started on learning joomla. i finally got it loaded but when i tried to access the com_hello component from administrator->componets i got this error:
Warning: require_once(/home/ddjen11/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.leatherette/ddjen11/ on line 14

where did “.leatherette” come from? is it causing the problem? any info is appreciated.



That is something that was suppose to be removed as per the installation email. BUT, I have just posted a question about it because I am not sure about removing both forward slashes as the email implies.


any solution to this problem?
I have come across the same thing …

When installing JOOMLA via oneclick install I removed the .blah part as suggested and it’s the default homepath in the configuration.php

some components are still pulling up the .blah part which results in an error cause there is nothing at that path.