Joomla cache?

is there a cache plugin for joomla 1.5 that will work on dreamhost? i see many that use memory caching which i assume is a bad idea on a shared server.

This what you’re after?

Lightens the database load by creating static pages.

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hmm, the built in cache, when i go there the cache handler is blank, nothing to select. so maybe im missing something?

I’m unsure, it might be an old entry. If rlparker was here he’d know the answer.

I’ll do a One-Click install and take a look for ya :wink:

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thank you so much! i apreciate the help.

I have the Cache setting available in the Administrative backend via Site > Global Configuration then click on the System TAB.

The Cache settings are on the righthand side (and are off by default).

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same here. but under the “yes/no” radio button is “cache handler” drop down box, this is blank…

i allso found another cache area "extensions > plugin manager > system-cache " i enabled this and went back, still no cache handler listed. allso if i go to “tools>clean cache” i get “JFolder::folder: Path is not a folder /home/.livingston/username/” and “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.livingston/usernamer/ on line 67”

if this helps any. again thank you for your time.

The cache handler dropdown has only a “File” option in it (to indicate that it’s caching data as static content I’d think).
Here’s a screencap of what I see on mine.

Did you install J! yourself or was it a One-Click, and is it the latest version (v1.5.6) ?

That system-cache plugin setting is disabled in my installation btw.

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ok, i dont have file listed, its just blank. its Joomla! 1.5.0 Production/Stable [ Khepri ] 21-January-2008 23:55 GMT. it was a oneclick on a sub domain but then i moved it to a TLD so its no longer a one click, i REALLY need to upgrade to the latest, but im on dialup and i have no idea how to use wget or zip in a shell.

well, i feel like a total idiot. i lookd at help>system info> directory permissions" and saw that cache was listed as “unwriteable” so i loged in to ftp and saw, guess what? there was no cache directory, so i made it. now “file” is listed under cache handler. wonder why it wasnt there?

oh, i forgot, if i enable gzip compression im assuming that would increase my server overhead right? so probably not a good idea?

whoops, had to turn off cache, seems when its turnd on ya cant login on the front page it just throws ya back out, odd.

i have to head out so ill try some more on this this evning. thank you for your help.

You can do an “Advanced” One-Click installation via Panel :wink:

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hmm. im going to make some assumptions here, tell me if im wrong here. but to do that i just use the exact same details that joomla uses now? and dreamhost will install the newer version of joomla with out changing the “important” stuff? i.e. extensions, settings, and the like?

Depends on plugins and skins. It would be a new installation using the same database so I imagine it would keep any settings that are set in the database, but any 3rd party plugins you’ve loaded into your site would need to be installed to your new environment.

I did a quick search for some of rl’s old posts but wasn’t very successful.
There should be information available concerning upgrading/migrating at

Being a feet-first kinda bloke, I’d backup the database and manually install the newer version into a subdomain, then edit the config to point at the existing database. Browsing to will show any differences you’d need to fix up.

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i managed to get the file downloaded to the server. question now is, how do i unpack the patch file to the website folder? ive allready done the following…


gzip -d Joomla_1.5.0_to_1.5.6-Stable-Patch_Package.tar.gz

but now what?

took me a few hours to figure out i needed a tilda infront of the file name… i.e. tar -xvf ~/file

that was fun lol

I just made a post about WinSCP in another reply. You might like to check it out.

You can right-click files > Custom Commands and untar them :wink:

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I would also recommend a Joomla component called “Query Cache” which caches database queries and really helps you go easy on the database server and does speed things up. If you are using xcache or one of the others, the component detects that the caching program is present and running and allows you to use those caching methods. If you are on VPS xcache is already there, as is mysqli and all together, things get mighty fast, mighty quick.

The developer of QCache does not recommend using the component if you are running in legacy mode. He says it will “trash your site”. That said, I have screwed up and had legacy mode on while running QCache and have had no probs.