Joomla bandwidth

Bandwidth question about Joomla.

Ive just started using Joomla. I am the only person using the page. There is little to nothing on the site since I am just tooling around with it yet Ive noticed its using about 25MB a day in bandwith. Ive checked and its just my usage. This seems unusually high to me.

Can anyone shed some insight on this please?
Is this how joomla will scale? (25mb per person)
Why so much traffic for so little content?
Did I configure something wrong and this is all my fault?

Thanks in advance

Sounds high, but I guess it depends what that one user is doing.

Do you have a custom (big) template for your design?

Not that I am aware of. Just the default templates when I first noticed the bandwidth. Ive added a few since then. As for usage. Ive just clicked around the default install looking at the product etc.

Any ideas?

Look for bot spiders… maybe your site is indexed to fast or by a lots of spiders… you have checked your stats?


Nothing has connected to the site but me. (ever apparently)

Ive actively used joomla on three days perhapse for an hour at a time (third day not shown here). Here are the stats for the month. no big files, no big graphics just loads of requests for some reason.

Successful requests: 28,522
Average successful requests per day: 7,741
Successful requests for pages: 2,132
Average successful requests for pages per day: 578
Failed requests: 325
Redirected requests: 10
Distinct files requested: 1,161
Distinct hosts served: 2 (both of these hosts are me)
Data transferred: 55.00 megabytes

Again thanks for your help

That seems pretty high.

Look at your statistics: Under “Directory Report” it should tell you from what folder(s) your requests are coming. This might help us with the trouble shooting a little.

Here are the big byte users and below is a reponse I recieved from the Joomla forums on in case your curious. If thier response seems good to you guys then I guess its good for me too even if it still seems a bit high.

77.30% bytes /joomlatest/administrator/index2.php

These are the top two (for last month) sorted by bytes. Everthing else is less then 5%

2069-reqs 69.04%-bytes .php [PHP]
22615-reqs 13.09%-bytes .png [PNG graphics]

joomla forums response @

You will see the vast majority of your bandwidth is being consumed by the administrator. The JavaScript menu’s are fairly large. If you are testing installing several things that will also increase your transfer pretty quickly.

Since your normal site visitors will never use the administrator they won’t deal with that stuff.

To help with some of the transfer you can go to Modules->Administrator Modules and unpublish items you don’t use. I have done this with many things, but only stuff I never use.

That makes a lot of sense. To compare you could do one day where you don’t login as an administrator and simply navigate your site like you imagine a visitor would. Check your stats the next day and you would have a better idea of what a typical user might demand of your server.