Joomla attraction?

Couldn’t resist the freebie and installed Joomla on a test site.
Downloaded the beginners pdf manual and played around with the site
for half hour or so without doing anything useful.

Am I alone in thinking that I could teach a beginner basic html and
css to set up a website in far less time and lots less pain than it
would take to navigate Joomla’s convoluted set-up? What’s the
attraction of the CMS that I’m missing?


J! is considered a great CMS, but I share your sentiments entirely.

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Joomla and Drupal and other such CMSs have a STEEP learning curve. There’s just so much functionality and configuration that it takes a long time to master. So I just move onto other packages. My CMS of choice is Geeklog. It’s just a simpler one with which I’m familiar. WordPress is actually moving more into CMS territory and is really slick.

What all of these packages offer is a dynamic website; one that you just can’t create with static HTML.