Joomla article editing and uploads



Has anyone been able to upload images when editing an article in Joomla? Everything I read says there should be a browse button when I click on the “insert image” icon, but its not there. I have a feeling there’s something not “turned on” but I can’t find it.

TinyMCE is set as my editor in Joomla, (the default for Dreamhost auto install ).


Without knowing the version of Joomla! you are dealing with, it’s hard to say what is happening (there are a lot of settings to be tweaked, and broken, in Joomla!).

When editing an article, look in the lower left hand corner of the Joomla Aricle editing sreen for the “IMAGE” link/buttom (to the left of the “Page Break” and “read more” links/buttons"). Click that and a “light box” effect will pop over the editor, and there is a “browse” button in that! :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support


I figured it out. I was clicking on the image icon in TinyMCE at the top, instead of the one at the bottom. The bottom one worked perfect.