Joomla and Shopping Cart?

I am building a small Joomla 1.5 site for my wife’s business. She currently has an HTML site that I built three years ago at . She sells three math books from her site and I have it set up with PayPal. When a buyer clicks on the purchase button it goes to PayPal’s secure site.

Now I am trying to build her a newer and better Joomla site. I am currently happy to continue using the PayPal link. Do I need to install a Joomla 1.5 extension shopping cart or can I simply place my HTML code in an article and proceed as usual?

I tried three times to install VirtueMart 1.1 into WAMP on my local host computer. It cannot seem to include all of the files needed for a successful install (or uninstall either)

I have installed SimpleCaddy and it appears to work but I’m not sure how to set it up with PayPal. I don’t want to spend a lot of time with it if I don’t need it.

Can anybody council me on how to proceed on my project. Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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You might find the jumi extension useful for getting your existing PayPal buttons working in Joomla (or any javascript, php or any forms you might need to run). Unless she is going to have a lot of different products, virtue-mart seems a bit like overkill.


Jumi was a success for me! Thanks so much for responding to my post. As I messed with Simple Caddy some more, I was having problems with it and needed to find something else. Without your tip to try Jumi I would have been up a creek without a paddle.

For anybody interested, this is what I did to get my PayPal shopping cart buttons to appear in my Joomla article. Remember that I already had my buttons working fine in my older HTML site at . (PayPal has documentation to help you create your custom HTML code.)

To accomplish this all I had to do was build my purchase page from scratch in a typical Joomla article. When I got to the area where I needed to add the code for the PayPal button, I entered {jumi [thepathtomyfile]} . Of course I had to create a separate file with the PayPal button code in it. All I did was copy the code from my old site and put it in a new file. I chose to put it in my images folder like the Jumi documentation recommended.

I am not a geek and all of this CMS (content management system) stuff has been a real challenge for me to wrap my head around. I think Jumi will be a great tool in the future when I want to add additional things to my site that I cannot find a plugin for.

Thanks again for the tip.


“Listen to someone’s stories and they will think you are a very interesting person”