Joomla and PIWIGO email setup


I have tried googling, I have tried contacting tech support/customer service and now I have to come here as a last ditch effort for assistance.

I am currently setting up a new Joomla 3 install/website on a staging site as I am trying to navigate away from an existing PIWIGO CMS installation on a clients website.

I have tried nearly everything i ca to bumble my way through getting his email set up somehow, anyhow so that people can contact him through his site.

I have tried many setups and attempts to get this up and running but I fear I need someone to take me by the hand and walk me through this. I NEED HALP!

Is there anyone that might be able to walk me through this setup? Please?

Are you talking about gettting email set up on DH? Or adding a link to his email on the Joomla site?

I’m looking into being able to get the Joomla installation to send an email through the dreamhost account to potentially three separate external addresses.