Joomla and phpBB

I’d like to allow my Joomla users to access a phpBB installation without having to log in separately. Scanning the Joomla boards, I see several possible solutions for do this, but am wondering what the recommendations are here at DreamHost.


I assume that the option you are looking for will be a ‘module’ which would be installed to Joomla so it can share the user data.

Not really used phpBB but dont expect you’ll have any issue doing this.

look at this thread at the forums.,449.0.html

They have a few ‘bridges’ you can use for that purpose.

you can also search

I just installed my first JOOMLA and am still in the midst of comprehending, learning etc. but will fairly soon face the same situation with my phpBB board.

let me know how it works out :slight_smile:
lars behrenroth

Lars, et al.,

I ended up using a single database, with tables for both joomla and phpbb. I also used Mehdi’s “Joomla-Phbb Bridge”.

The only (minor) problem was a result of not following instructions properly and trying to gzip joomla. (A no-no with the bridge and phpbb.)

Overall, I’m happy so far, although I haven’t yet let my users have access to it.