Joomla and Magic Quotes... I think

Hi there,

I’m trying to setup a new website, using

If you look on the site, on the left hand side, is some modules connected to World of Warcraft, one of which is pulling information from the Mysql site to show recent items.

One of these items however has brought an issue, or a bug or something to my attention, the / that has appeared next to the ’ in the name Dragonstalker’s which has broken the link and the item information, upon trying to find out more about this phantom / I came across information about Magic Quotes, however the more I read, apparently it’s turned off in PhP5 (I used the One Click install for Joomla selecting PhP5 FastCGI for the website when I did)

I was just wondering if this issue was caused by Magic Quotes? And if it is, how do I go about fixing the issue? A few of the pieces of information I found mention htaccess and other stuff, and I really dont want to poke my head into those files incase I break something.

Is this caused by Magic Quotes? and if it is, how would I turn them off?

I understand some php, but not a fantastic amount, so explaining things simply would most likely be best :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Looks like they’re missing some stripslashes in the component.

Magic Quotes is turned off by default at DreamHost.

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