Joomla 3 not working

I uploaded and installed Joomla 3 on my dreamhosting shared hosting account. When I tried visiting my site, I got an error (Your host needs to use PHP 5.3.1 or higher to run this version of Joomla!). I have already changed my php settings to php 5.4 but am still getting the error. My website is

I see this in your .htaccess file

[quote]#— DH-PHP handlers —
AddHandler php-cgi .php
Action php-cgi /cgi-bin/dispatch.cgi[/quote]

You need to remove your custom PHP. The rules in your .htaccess force to run on your custom build of PHP 5.2. So you just need to remove the .htaccess and the cgi-bin folder and you’ll be good to go!

PS. You might have to wait for old PHP5.chi processes to die off, but it shouldn’t be more than 10-15 minutes :slight_smile: