Joomla 1-click installer - no 'next button'

just registered my dreamhost account, with a new domain.
Used one-click installer to install joomla, received confirmation email, clicked on link (which proves DNS working ok already) but the installer page is text only and does not include a next button (just ‘next’ text which does nothing).

Can anyone help?

I tried removing joomla (though web console) and tried re-installing via 1-click install but still does not work.

That’s pretty quick for DNS. How about creating a Mirror of that domain. Go to the Panel under Domains -> Manage Domains and create a Mirror called something like and then use that for finishing the installation. “” DNS updates much faster than any brand new domain, since it’s a subdomain.

Next, FTP to your account and just see if the folder looks fully populated. It probably is. I more suspect it’s a DNS issue than a One-Click issue.

Or maybe it’ll magically work for you after a few hours has gone by.


Ok, i thought if the site name resolves in dns then all is ok.
So i created a mirror as you suggested, how long until that will work?
I had already ftp’s to the site and the folder was full of file, so thought the install was completed, but just not sure why only got text.

I am having the same issue. I FTP in and all the files are there, but when I go to the root site I do get redirected to the installer, but then I get a text only - web based intaller and the next button is not functional.

All DNS checks look valid and functional.

Same issue. The files exist on the server and are the right ones, but they dont get returned by the server to the browser. A permissions issue?
I apologize but I am new to DreamHost, is there any way to check permissions on the folders?

Mirror now resolving, but still have same problem, ie text is shown (not the proper joomla install page) so no ‘next’ button.

Looks like a glitch. Submit a ticket to Support and see what they say.


I submitted a support ticket (# 2864373). If the admin doesnt post the solution I will try.


If you’re on Aquaman, it’s because something’s messed up:



The Admin’s of the site just sent word that all is well (or should be shortly).

Update: My site is working 100%.

Thanks to the admin’s!!