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I realize this may be jumping the gun a bit, but is there any timeline as to when one-click installs will upgrade to Joomla 1.5? Joomla announced the release of 1.5. I’m right at the point of launching a new site and may wait if I know the new version is coming.


You could always install Joomla 1.5 yourself without the one-click.

If i recall correctly, 1.0.13 was out quite a while before Dreamhost updated.

I’ve not heard any news of DH moving to 1.5 yet, and i didn’t know 1.5 was announced - I thought they were happily releasing RC versions for fun!

I must say i’m looking forward to table-less Joomla :slight_smile:


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Usually they get round to updating the one-clicks quite quickly. However, upgrading to Joomla 1.5 may be a bit different as it is more of a major upgrade.

Recently they put upgrades to phpBB 3 which caused problems resulting in it being reverted to the old version.

I imagine that as long as there are no problems it should be soon.

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I thought it was q while before DH moved to 1.0.13. I certainly don’t recall it being quick, unless i’m thinking of something else…


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You’re quicker than I, and I thought I was keeping up with things. There’s just no telling when it’ll happen. It depends on how difficult it is to One-Clickify, as someone mentioned in the phpBB3 case.

I’m sure looking forward to it, though. If 1.5 includes its own update mechanism, then I wouldn’t wait for the One-Click.



I already submitted a suggestion for it…

I understand the upgrade one-click might be tricky, but it would be nice if they could provide a new 1.5 install quickly.


Like with phpBB, it might be an option to consider that they fork major new builds as its own one-click until they can create a migration path for older releases.



I agree that would be nice, but I would rather have them go slowly and “get it right”. :wink:

I’d also recommend holding off for at least a week or so to “let the dust settle” as the first “stable” release of Joomla! 1.5 gets installed by others who can identify and report any “gotchas”.

Joomla! is a great piece of software, and I have a huge amount of respect for and confidence in their development team, but I always believe it is best to let others “test” the newest releases before I commit my sites to the new code.

More than once I have been spared considerable grief by waiting for the “follow-up” bug-fix release that often follows the release of a new version.

Having gone through 4 release candidates, I’m hopeful that Joomla! 1.5 stable is “solid”, but I’m waiting to hear that confirmed by other users before diving into what appears to be more of a “migration” than an “update” or “upgrade”.



As rlparker pointed out it is always a good idea to let a million others install first and report any issues so you have an idea as to potential problems that might occur. Taking that into consideration, it really wouldn’t be a good idea for DH to rush into a One-Click option immediately after software is released, no matter how ‘stable’.

rotf !! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Installing Joomla 1.5 (not using one-click) is exceptionally easy, assuming you know the database and FTP usernames and passwords, and the hostname.

  • Upgrading from Joomla 1.0.x to Joomla 1.5 is not trivial. There’s a migration procedure.

  • There’s no guarantee that extensions that worked under Joomla 1.0.x will continue working under Joomla 1.5, even with legacy mode turned on. So upgrading to Joomla 1.5 can definitely break existing sites. Be sure you have your site files and database backed up before starting.



What i would recommend if you’re going to be moving to 1.5 is to install 1.5 on a subdomain (eg: Get it all working, then switch over.


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