Joomla 1.5 upgrade kills site



I just upgraded to Joomla 1.5 and now my site has died. First, it says that access is restricted when I go to the site. Although my extensions show up on the server, they don’t seem to exist in the managers.
How can I revert to the previous version of Joomla? I need to have my site functioning.
I have few skills so please explain in simplest terms.



If it was the one-click, it would have created a folder called ‘’ in your home folder. Rename the 1.5 installation to, then rename the old one to

Next, visit the Panel under Manage MySQL and do a Restore DB for your Joomla database. Pick a backup that’s from before you did the one-click upgrade. They backup the database once a day. When you restore, pick the last option to overwrite your old tables.



Thanks, Scott. I did this and now it won’t take my password in the admin site. I used the password from before and also the new one I set when I installed 1.5. Neither work.
Also,when I go to the site, I get this message: Template File Not Found! Looking for template:rhuk_milkyway
I haven’t used this template.
Any suggestions, please?



Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it. I decided it would be worth trying to follow your instructions a second time. It worked this time. I am relieved.


Glad to hear it. Maybe the upgrade will eventually work for you. At least DreamHost allows for an easy rollback of a site.