Joomla! 1.5 RC3 [codename: Takriban]


Wondering if anyone has installed / upgraded their joomla to Joomla! 1.5 RC3 [codename: Takriban] yet? Have a need to do it for project I am working on and was hoping to leverage any experience local community has.
I am currently running 1.0.X on Dreamhost.

Would appreciate what anybody has.

I’ve installed some “test” implementations or RC3, and my position at this point is that is * a release candidate". Without utilizing “legacy mode”, one is still severely limited in the choice of upgraded extensions for version 1.5, so that is still a dealbreaker for many sites that rely on such things.

I have had little problem with the core Joomla! stuff, and will probably consider migrating my sites to 1.5 when it goes stable and when components I regularly use are ready for 1.5, but I won’t migrate any existing 1.0.13 sites until that happens.