Joomla 1.5 and cb 1.1?



I am learning joomla! and dreamhost provides version 1.5 Stable.

I am in the planning stages of building a small intranet for approximately 100 high school teachers and i think the community builder plug in is the solution that i am looking for…

I don’t think i have to worry about setting up emails, but i do want them to be able to sign in and communicate with each other, have a blog, view/modify an events calendar and forum and other features i haven’t even thought of yet…maybe directory…anyway…

with version 1.5 stable using cb suite 1.1…which plug ins should i use to avert compatibility problems…what is a good substitute for jcal? should i use fireboard for the forum? should i use 1.5 at all?

my understanding is that as long as i enable the legacy mode i should be able to run cb 1.1 without problems? Is this really the case

if anyone has any plug in suggestions for this type of intranet please advise. thanks for any feedback.

also, i posted this question on the community builder website but i haven’t received any replies and guessing that i won’t…i have always had luck here…thanks…



Hey Chunky,

Joomla 1.5 is pretty slick, but plug-in support is spotty (yet gaining ground) as everyone takes their sweet time getting their modules and components working.

I think most of the components and modules should work under legacy mode and I’ve been using CB 1.1 for a while now under J!1.13 and it’s pretty robust and expandable. I’d also recommend Fireboard because it’s integration with CB is really well done. Especially with only maintaining only one user profile picture for your site and the Forum.

Anyway, I think you’re on the right track with Joomla, hopefully CB is upgraded soon enough to work with J!1.5.



Thank you for your reply.

So joomla 1.5 in legacy mode with the plugins cb 1.2, fireboard 1.0.4 stable is not so risky after all?

Or Do you think I should play it safe and find a download of
J! 1.3 ? I guess I would really prefer to stay with the most current version of Joomla, but since my entire site is at the mercy of the CB module I started to research and found some complaints along with accolades to even the confusion.

Thanks for your input…I am just trying to increase my success factor from the start. I do enjoy 1.5 and my few sites so far look nice… This next one is quite the challenge for me, although looking forward to it.