Joomla 1.5.7 all links lead to unformatted page


I am new at this Joomla 1.5.7, used earlier versions for a Gaming Website. Yet, with this version, after a successful login, when I click on a link it takes me to a unformatted version of the page. All text is centered on the page. This has happened to me in Firefox and Safari.

Any suggestions for a NEWBIE that has never had a Joomla issue before :slight_smile:

What’s the URL of your site? I’m guessing there’s a CSS issue.


Thanks for the reply, I did delete the Installation Folder as directed after Setup.

Looks good from here (Opera, Firefox & IE7)

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When I click on the CSS link at the bottom of my page, I get the following errors.

Maybe I should Re-Install Joom Joom?

W3C CSS Validator results for (CSS level 2.1)
Sorry! We found the following errors (5)
-1 File not found: Not Found
-1 File not found: Not Found
-1 File not found: Not Found
-1 File not found: Not Found
-1 File not found: Not Found

Both XHTML and CSS test as valid. (

CSS test here

XHTML test here

Did you try clearing your cache?

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Looks alright here too.


I’m not sure why some are not seeing the problem you are reporting, as I certainly see it! Note that the home page looks fine, and the CSS is fine, but clicking another link (for instance, the “news” page) shows the problem.

This is likely the result of the “SEF” url settings, and there is a known issue with later Joomla! versions in the DreamHost environment (and there are several posts about this in these forums).

The “short” version with regards to solving this is that you should log into the Joomla! administrator back-end as a super-administrator and, in the global configuration settings, either:

  1. Turn off SEF urls altogether OR

  2. Turn on the “apache” SEF setting and rename htaccess.txt in your main Joomla! directory to “.htaccess”.

Either of these methods will resolve the url re-writing issue that is causing the CSS files to be “not found”.

Additional info cam be found here:

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thank you Parker and everyone that offered help!
I thought I looked all through the 3rd party SW forums before posting.

Thank you, I will try tonight after work and let everyone know!

You Dreamhost webmasters and support are the Best!

It worked! Your the best, Parker!
Thanks Everybody!