Jomtube server requirements

Hi dreamhost people. I have been a dreamhost user for more than a year but now I am not sure if dreamhost complies with the requirements of JomTube. Jomtube is a video system component like youtube for Joomla.

Requirements are here:

I will appreciate if somebody uses it or knows if DH has that software installed.

Thanks in advanced.

I’ve seen many of those packages mentioned in the forums. I know DH has the Joomla, PHP, and GD parts, but do a search in the forums and wiki for the video components.


You’ll have to compile flvtool2, mencoder, and ffmpeg-php yourself, but it should run okay.

It’s a shame so many of these solutions rely on mencoder and flvtool2. The ffmpeg app is practically a staple on all Hosts these days, and it alone does a fantastic job with video conversion. The other stuff adds some extra abilities, sure, but all in all it turns the end product into “private-server-only” bloatware imho.

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Thanks for the info. I will try in a few days when I download the component.