Joining whithout a domain


Hello, i´m new at DH, i have a site running at other host and i want to dump all my files before transfer the domain… and after that i need to check if everything on the site is working correctly… so… i need to have http access to my site BEFORE transfer my domain… i tryed to contact the support but they told me to read my welcome e-mails.


Basicly you can setup your site as a subdomain of (DreamHost’s domain for this exact purpose) eg. where you can test things out before the domain transfer.

More info in the wiki:
Getting Started
Viewing site before DNS change

Hope this helps…

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okey, but where in the panel can i add the subdomain ? i´m at manage domains area… and there is some boxes…

Fully Hosted

Sorry about the bad english


There’s several ways to do this, but the best IMHO is to add your own domain (the one your are going to transfer later) as a fully hosted domain.

The web directory /home/username/ will then be created and you have to upload your content to this folder.

Then create a mirror with the following info:
Domain that mirrors:
Domain to mirror: will then show the content of your

Hope this makes sense, otherwise feel free to ask again.

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thank u mate!