Join/Sign Up disappeared

Hi everyone…

After months of peeking in and out of the Dreamhost website, I finally joined… At least, I think I did. I filled out the form, ran to find my credit card, and clicked submit. The progress dots moved and it seemed as if something magical was happening. Then the Sign Up page reloaded and that was it!

So now I have no idea if the form took my credit card information, if I should fill out the information again, if I had timed out.

Please help?

I recall a very similar case reported in the forum a while, it appears to be a ‘glitch’ in the system that happens on rare occasions. If my memory serves me correctly, the poster contacted DreamHost and they fixed things up.

I suggest you contact them too, detailing exactly what happened. I am sure they will be able to tell you if the application went through correctly and fix things if it didn’t.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the help. I contact DH and they said that “there was some error that caused [my] account to be picked up by the fraud system”.

Then they gave me instructions on how to set up the account manually.

Thanks again!

No problem, I hope everything works out for you.

Welcome to DreamHost. :slight_smile:


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I had a more funny experience before. When I signed up a plan, the page went back to sign up page after I submitted the payment. I did not even know whether DH had charged me or not.

However, I did not want to contact DH because it would take a long long time. I just re-submit the form and paid again.

Now I’m waiting for my credit card bills. I hope they did not double charge me :stuck_out_tongue:

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