I had the jetpack plugin installed at one time. It has since been deactivated and removed from my wordpress dashboard. It doesn’t show up on the list of installed plugins.

I want to activate the plugin, so have tried to download the plugin again.
But it fails with a message saying that - Destination folder already exists.
I have confirmed this exists on my FTP files.

How do I get the plugin to show up on my wordpress dashboard, if the file already exists?


You’ll have to check on your serevr (via SFTP or SSH) that the folder really was removed. If you want to share your domain, we can check, or you can open a ticket and we can look into that.

Assistance to check would be great. My domain is

Yep, you had a lingering Jetpack folder. I deleted that and installed Jetpack for you.

Hi! I have the same problem and could use your help to delete the folder for

No problem :slight_smile: Deleted.