Jetpack memory issues?

I’ve been getting a lot of intermittent errors on a Wordpress site with Jetpack installed. 404 errors and occasionally 500 errors. Normally a refresh will take care of it and my research suggests that there’s a process being killed probably due to memory.
I do have a number of lightweight plugins, though I am smart about them, use caching, etc. The culprit seems to be Jetpack and I think it’s pushing memory usage too high.

Anyone else have this issue?


Just deactivate it and delete. All things you want can be found and done by other better and lighter plugins

What is a good stats plugin?

slimstat and statcounter

The problem I have with Jetpack is that it gives those errors under PHP 5.3 CGI but not under PHP 5.2. So if I wish to install it, I need to “downgrade” the domain to 5.2 first, activate it, and “upgrade” it back to PHP 5.3 CGI. PHP 5.3 CGI has a much lighter memory footprint.