Jetpack Error

Is anyone getting the following error when trying to set-up Jetpack?

Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [HTTP 503]. Ask your web host if they allow connections from If you need further assistance, contact Jetpack Support:

I was chatting with LeoB and he told me the following:

LeoB: at 21:46:06
unfortunately i am finding out that it is a current issue we are having with that install, and our team is currently working on fixing it

LeoB: at 21:46:08
so sorry

LeoB: at 21:47:08
our push out

LeoB: at 21:47:23
which means an update to our systme caused it

LeoB: at 21:47:37

LeoB: at 21:48:23
the pushout/ update was lastnight

This should be fixed for realz now, I force kicked your server. If it’s still happening, please make sure you’ve got a ticket about the Jetpack error and we’ll attack it.