Jean-Babtiste Emanuel Zorg vs. Leeloo

Who’s the coolest of the two? The answer, obviously, is Leeloo Minai Lekatariba-Laminai-Tchaii Ekbat De Sebat! You all know Zorg, right? He’s the bad guy, and bad guys have this tendency to get their heinies handed to them.

We have been on Dreamhost’s zorg server. We have had all sorts of problems with server load and slow-loading pages. This morning, however, I got an email from DH tech support telling me that they finally moved our account to a new server. Lo and behold! The new server is leeloo!

I have been watching this new server for the course of today, and have been quite pleased. Whereas on zorg we had server loads ranging from eight to twenty, on leeloo they’re staying below one and for the most part below zero-point-five – even during the busy hours of the day! Now that is much, much more like it. Needless to say our pages are much much snappier now.

So in conclusion, Leeloo beats Zorg.