Javascripts Not Loading

I’ve created a site theme is PHP. My stylesheets are loading correctly. However, none of my Javascript is loading (

Expected scripts:
<?php queue_js_file('modernizr'); ?>
<?php queue_js_file('selectivizr-min'); ?>
<?php queue_js_file('respond.min'); ?>
<?php queue_js_file('globals'); ?>
<?php queue_js_file('jquery.min', 'speakker-big-1.2.07r157'); ?>
<?php queue_js_file('speakker-big-1.2.07r157.min', 'speakker-big-1.2.07r157'); ?>
<?php get_speaker_playlist();?>
<?php echo head_js(); ?>

Everything is running correctly in my development environment (MAMP).

I’ve seen that disabling Page Speed Optimization helps. However, I wasn’t using it to begin with.