Javascript used on webpanel (browser sniffer)

Just a thought, but the browser sniffer Dreamhost uses on the webpanel doesn’t have Opera listed. :wink: Took me a little while to figure out why the menu stopped working… (Fortunately Opera can fake being IE, and I have six browsers installed and can use it ok either way, but just a thought to add it to the sniffing portion of the code.)


Browser sniffing is, in general, a bad idea, as it tends to discriminate unnecessarily against lesser-known browsers and encourage the counterproductive tactic of making browsers pretend to be something else (screwing up Web access statistics).

– Dan

Exactly… I really hate having my favored browser pretend to be something else, though I do have the advantage of being able to even do that when a situation requires it. Very unfortunate. I always expect corporate designing to be better (any company that forces IE-only should be shot)…

:slight_smile: It seems to work now on Opera ID’d as Opera - thanks~ :slight_smile: