Javascript security warning

I am currently developing an AJAX site with many callbacks to a php page that sits in the same domain as the main page. 2 days ago I added 2 new php pages and now receive this error:

Security Error: Content at may not load or link to resource://gre/res/getCurrentInfo.php?artist=Jack Johnson&album=In Between Dreams&song=Better Together.

and this:

Error: Access to ‘resource://gre/res/getCurrentInfo.php?artist=Jack Johnson&album=In Between Dreams&song=Better Together’ from script denied
Source File:
Line: 407

I have not changed anything in the way that I call this php page from any of the other calls but for some reason it is giving me this error. Does anyone know what could be wrong here? I thought maybe Dreamhost moved some of my scripts since it is a shared server, but support says everything is on the same server.