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I’m using a program called Easy Grade Pro as a marking program, and one of the options is to create a webpage that allows students to login and view their marks. I was using this option on my previous host with no problems, but now on Dreamhost login doesn’t work - the screen just refreshes and no grades appear. The permissions on all the folders is 755, so I don’t think that is the issue. I’ve included the html below, and the URL is:

Thanks for any help you can give me!


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Doesn’t seem to be a problem with the JavaScript. All it does is hash the name and password to get a filename and attempt to load the file. Have you checked to make sure these files exist?

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Using Javascript for user access is a terrible idea for several reasons; it prevents accessibility for users who disable scripting, while not giving any real security compared to a server-side solution (e.g., .htaccess files).

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Yes, all the files exist - they’re exported as part of the program. Like I said, this worked perfectly fine on my old host, I haven’t changed a thing.

If I had a choice, I obviously wouldn’t be using javascript for this. Unfortunately, I don’t - the program does not make room for any kind of options (ie. using perl/cgi instead). In order to actually convert, I’d have to edit what, 100-150 individual files? No way, too many hours every single time I want to update my kids marks for something that was working perfectly fine on my old host.

One more thing, this may help - I get the following error from my Javascript console (FireFox):

Error: has no properties
Source File:
Line: 56

Help at all? Thanks.


This is difficult to troubleshoot because obviously in order to login one needs to be assigned a last name and password pair.

Well, haven’t been able to duplicate your problem. It appears that your browser is saying the image does not exist in DOM, but this should only happen if you manage to click the button before the browser has finished loading the page. I’d suspect a bug in the browser.
It works for me though in Firefox RC 1.

Sorry, stupid of me not to include a login and password for you to test. Try jaramillo for both login and password. And I’ve tried using the latest versions Firefox, Mozilla and IE, no dice.


Well, looks like the problem is with my computer, not the site - my students are able to login fine. So, I guess that leads me to a new question - why can’t I login? Would it possibly have something to do with SP2 (I have the firewall disabled)?


Do you have anything that blocks web bugs? Those are images that are 1x1 in size. The JavaScript login uses such an image and if your browser or firewall/proxy strips them from the DOM, you’ll get that error.

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Sweet, worked like a charm - thanks everyone!