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I have this script so when users click it they will get a pop-up of the player to listen to the song. Well say they have pop-ups disabled. What do you guys think I should do? Let’s say the user is computer retarded. And you explain to them to enable pop-ups for your site. What do you do to make it more user friendly?


My vote would be to not use pop-ups! :wink: . Seriously, for what you are describing, i think even an iframe would be better (and I don’t particularly like those, either). what I think would be best (if you want them to be able to continue to surf the site while the song is playing) is to just open the song in a new page (warn them first so they know it will happen before clicking the link), which they can leave open, or close, without relying on javascript or preventing them from navigating around your site while they listen.

I’m sure others have different opinions, and maybe better suggestions, but that’s my 2 cents worth. :slight_smile:


I agree with the pop-ups. I don’t like them either. Im trying to get everyone’s opinion on things. The reason why I ask is because Im selling beats. I don’t really want them to leave the page either 2 becasue Im not really having a beat description. Im just trying to find away to they can click the beat and listen to it and if they like it and than they can buy it. What do you think?

P.S. Don’t be afraid to post your $0.02 because I have a lot of 2 cents to share.

If you must go with a pop-up, I’d stick with target="_blank" – and just get over the fact that you won’t get to control the size.

Even without pop-up blockers, there are still people that have JS disabled. I’d also guess that percentage of people using pop-up blockers will continue to increase.

I never messed with it, but I’d guess that the best way to do what you want would be to have an inline player embedded in the page somehow – maybe someone else can offer more info on that.

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I did a few tests with IE 7 and I have found the following does not trip a pop up blocker. I had google, yahoo toolbars and IE7’s blocker all turned on and none of them blocked the following snipet.

Click here

The only way I was able to stop the new window from being created was disabling javascript. Setting the security zones to high, would stop the content from being displayed in the new window, but the new window was still created.


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