JavaScript file works on all but one of my web pages

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I have a JavaScript file that is used by all the pages on my website. This code executes correctly on all but one of my pages. This issue exists with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

I have used Firefox to view the source code for the problem page. When I clicked on the link to the file that was not executing on this page, the desired JavaScript file was displayed. I added a JavaScript alert to the problem page, and this internal alert executes correctly. However, the alert in the JavaScript file does not execute on the problem page.

If this configuration of the problem page was working correctly, the problem page would display 2 alerts.

Here is the URL of the problem page.

Here is the URL of my home page:

I will be grateful for help with this issue.


Sometimes if there is another event on a page, it interferes with a JS. This can be a form or another JS.

If that is the case, adding a name=“example” or id=“example” to the other event might fix it.


Just a FYI - the /legal page displays a plug-in error on mobile Chrome 66:

“This plug-in isn’t supported”


Problem solved.

My pages use jQuery. On the problem page the jQuery source code was imported on the line after the imported file that contains the jQuery code my pages use.


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