Javascript disabling CSS hover images in IE - help

Hello to all. I’m helping out a friend by building her a new site.

I’m not very good with javascript, so I would love any help.

I have a page with a javascript scrollbar (so I could have a custom one on all browsers). I did not design the code (but it’s used with permission), so I don’t know anything about editing it.

I am using a CSS hover feature for this gallery page (roll the mouse over and the larger image will hover on the right).

It works perfectly in firefox, but in IE - the javascript isn’t playing nice with something else - and the image disappears (the black box for it stays - but there’s no picture).

I know it’s the java, because if I remove it, it works fine.

You can see the test page at:

You can access all the CSS and HTML code directly there (I haven’t moved it into its own sheet yet).

If anyone wants me to post any of the code, please just ask (it’s a lot if the js files are needed too - so I thought I would leave them out of the post for now).

Thanks so much for any help anyone can give!! :slight_smile:

Additional note -

In IE6 nothing happens when the thumbnails are rolled over at all.

Thanks for the reply! I did eventually get it to work. Nice to know that IE8 is going to work more like Firefox. Because IE is usually the kink in anything I am working on.

Now if only other people would UPGRADE. LOL! (I haven’t myself yet, because I want to make sure the site works on IE7 first, and then I will upgrade and test IE8).