hey, would it be possible for me to host a serverlet using tomcat under a dreamhost acct?



Upon searching in dreamhost wiki (, I got these results on what youare looking for.

Dreamhost has Java installed, but you cannot run JavaServlets nor JSP.

I hope this answers your question.

Dreamhost has issues with it’s CPU usage (which is called the CPU Minutes) which is basically one of the reasons why JavaServlets are not allowed.

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thanks! i decided to use php/mysql after doing more research! although not sure of how to install these, do i jsut download them and use ftp?


You don’t need to install them, PHP and MySQL are available on all shared servers.

There are times where you might want to compile/install a custom installation of PHP for your site, to gain access to configuration options not available in the standard DreamHost install, but this is not too common.


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