Java vs Perl (file uploading script) - CPU/Memory

For the purpose of this thread, here is the scenario: 20 people are uploading 100 MB files at the same time. Each person has the exact computer configurations and same Internet connections.

Which of the following programs would take up less server resources (CPU and Memory) for the particular task mentioned above? Also, would any of the following allow faster uploading to the users that were uploading files?

Thank You All very much for your expert knowledge ahead of time,


btw, I forgot to add. The reason I am asking this question is because I am looking at using a PHP file upload script on my server. I was told it uses too much server/system recourses (on the web server) and that using a JAVA or Perl script to perform this exact function would take up less system resources.


One of the biggest reasons to go with a non-php solution is that it will avoid the default upload limit (100M is too big for it).

As far as the lowest usage, I can’t tell you for sure. The applet solution does not sound like a great idea as not everyone allows applets to run. The server side question there is what is used on the host side to support the transfer.

There are some decent perl solutions that should not be very painful but I’ve not used any of those.

Someone should be able to come along and have more definitive information.

Or you could always install, measure and report the results…


I was reading different articles on the net regarding uploading scripts. I just read that PHP sites were more of a bandwidth hog and that Java and Perl were better suited. None of them said which 1 was better though.