Java VM and etc

I am aware that Dreamhost doesn’t allow Java VM, but I am just curious as to why this is?

The reason I ask is that I want to be able to setup Paintchat onto my site, but from what I have read and heard, dreamhost does not allow Paintchat to be run.

I am new to most of the webadmin/hosting thing, so I don’t get this; especially when it seems like a lot of other hosts seem to allow it.

I don’t really want to move my site because DreamHost is a great host for everything else, space, bandwidth, application… and almost everything-wise… my only issue is the Paintchat thing (and well, I also wanted to run Shoutcast, but from what I’ve read, that isn’t allowed too… although I am not sure now with all the new changes).

It’s not a really big issue… but I really do want it on my site… and I’m sure a lot of others want it too… and are probably thinking the same thing I am (“why won’t DH allow Paintchat when x does…”).

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Is it not obvious enough? This is a shared-host and such programs require a good deal of memory and CPU time to run. If DreamHost allowed such processes, they may as well just give each user their own dedicated server.

The “No Persistant Processes” rule, located in the DreamHost TOS pretty well explains why you can’t run Java VM and/or a Shoutcast server. Your only option currently would be to purchase a DreamHost VPS, which would be an additional $15/month added to your current plan. In this way, you could run whatever processes you wanted (or pretty much anyways).

And also - what “other” hosts allow you to run a Shoutcast or Java VM server on their shared hosting plans? Never heard of it myself and I can’t find such evidence from any other major shared hosting providers.

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Are you telling me for sure that getting a DreamHost PS would enable the usage of those processes? I’m also trying to find a way to get paintchat up, and if it works with a PS it might be worth that extra $15 a month.

Nope, I can’t tell you for sure as I don’t have one myself. You’d be best asking sales: Contact Form

I do know that JVM requires a GOOD deal of memory, so the cost may end up being more than $15. Which is why I suggest contact sales first to see not only if it’s allowed, but if they recommend a specific amount of memory you might need to support JVM + paintchat (so give them that info along with an estimated number of users perhaps?).

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While I’m willing to wager that Mousee is correct about that, you should know that the only way to get a “for sure” answer is to submit an “official” support request so the DreamHost answers your question. :wink:

We are all customers here, and while we try to share “good” information, Dreamhost is “source” for authoritative information about their services , TOS, etc.


When analyzing the footprint of the program, keep in mind that my basic Apache/php setup seems to eat up about 100MB of memory on a lightly loaded site.

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