Java Servers & VPS

I have a VPS with DreamHost, and I’ve got a socket server I wrote in Java for communicating with my flash games. I’m wondering what the best way is to set up the ports for something like this so I’m not in conflict with often used programs on client machines.

Also, I’m not really sure how to do this on Dreamhost’s linux machines.

Thanks for the help.


Some additional info:

Client Flash, connects using XMLSocket
Server Java, just creates a socket.

Lets say for the sake of consistancy that I want to use port 3568 (I don’t care if I ultimately use this or some other port).

Additionally, my url is

Checking out the AS3 docs, we see this:

Constructor: XMLSocket(host:String, port:Number)

host:String (default = null) — A fully qualified DNS domain name or an IP address in the form aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd. You can also specify null to connect to the host server on which the SWF file resides. If the calling file is a SWF file running in a web browser, host must be in the same domain as the calling file.

I’m assuming I should then, to create the client connection, do:

Prior to this I’ve run the .jar, the program has announced that it has successfully bound to port 3568 and is awaiting connections (as it does when running on localhost).

Unlike running on local host. The client fails to connect entirely. The flash error thrown is the one flash throws when it can’t find the server || socket.

So I’m now left to assume it is something to do with unlocking the port?