Java app gets killed

I just tried to implement a programming exercise from my course (Conway’s Game of Life). It works quite well (source), but there’s one problem: It keeps getting killed when it runs here.

Is there some way to program it in such a way that it won’t run afoul of the process killer, or should I just stop using the server to try out Java exercises?

I would suggest running it on your computer (or server, if you have one) at home instead, as ProcWatch kill just about anything and everything that moves these days… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any criteria for a process that gets targeted - load, amount of memory, number of seconds run? Or is it simply random?

I’m not entirely sure of the criteria myself, as that is apparently rather “secret”, but I do know that if you exceed roughly 50meg of RAM (it may be slightly more) for any given script or application, it’ll get killed pretty fast.
Anything that consumes more than 1 minute of CPU time I believe also gets killed (hence no persistent processes).

You could always try writing into support and ask, but the last time I checked, they don’t give out exact details (and I’m sure for a good reason).

Well, I don’t want to know it for nefarious purposes, I’d just have liked some pointers regarding how to run a program on the server without disrupting it and being a pest to the other users. But thanks for those hints. :slight_smile:

Another trick you can use to help keep your process from getting killed is to use “nice” to tell the system to use a lower cpu priority. It won’t be smooth or pretty but it won’t get killed as quickly.

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