I need to have Japanese text on my web page as well as English. Will this be difficult or impossible with DreamHost?

Just registered my username for these forums.

Thanks a lot BobS!

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and this bb supports Japanese!


But the Japanese will only be displayed if the user’s system can display it as well. This forum can serve it, but my pc can’t display it, so I just see a line of random characters.


Yes, of course. Good point. Best to keep Japanese and English pages separate, I suppose.

A few of my pages that may be relevant:


– Dan

Thanks, Dan!

Interestingly, my system shows garbage here too – but it’s certainly capible of displaying Japanese text, the denebian site shows correctly as do others – it’s not the default language/encoding though (far from it :wink: my Japanese is on the medicorely translate a DJ with a dictonary level)

This page is served as iso-8859-1 (a Western European character encoding), so there’s no standards-compliant way of inserting Japanese characters except as numeric references with ampersands (which I’m not sure this forum lets you enter). If anybody else sees Japanese, that probably means that their browser is overriding the server-sent charset attribute with something else.

– Dan