Japanese characters in mysql/rails app


Hi everybody. I’m having difficulty with my Rails application. It uses entries from a mysql database and some of those entries are japanese and chinese characters. Now I was having trouble with the encoding, but I fixed it and now everything is quite good when viewed through phpMyAdmin, however, when I try to run the Rails application, they still all come up as “???”.

I used “killall -USR1 dispatch.fcgi” to kill processes and (i hope) restart the application so that the changes I made to the database would be reloaded by Rails, but it didn’t seem to do much of anything.

If you want to see it (might look messy on PCs as I’m developing on a mac and haven’t tested the design on a PC yet), it’s at http://kanji.test-me.com/test_me/public/

Am I perhaps missing a step or a better way to refresh the server?


OK, actually, DON’T check it out, because I just realized that the way I had it set up made my application files (like database.yml - OUCH) world-readable and took it all down. Back to the drawing board!

Rails is fun to develop, but it sure is a pain to host.