Japanese AdSense

Hi, I’m in the process of migrating my site to DreamHost as my last host had pretty bad uptime. It’s been a pretty smooth migration so far but I’ve noticed an issue with AdSense serving ads in Japanese rather than English so was wondering why that might be as I never had that happen before (my site is temporarily parked here http://www.besteveralbums.dreamhosters.com/ until I’ve finished testing it and then I’ll change the dns settings etc.) Maybe it’ll sort itself out over the next couple of days but just seems a bit weird…

Google usually serve ads matching your site contents. But Google can easily trace the visitors location. So if you are visiting from Japan Google will serve ads from any Japanese sites. Its very simple. You said you got english ads before. That may happen for maybe Google didn’t get ads from your country matching your site contents. Thats it.

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This can sometimes happen when the incorrect character encoding is applied to your documents.

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Or if you’re using a TOR proxy. Really weird to see german searches and korean responses.

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