I’ve uploaded jalbum to my dir but I’m receiving an X11 error message. I understand that Jalbum requires java 1.5 and later but I’m stumped on why this does not install. The only thing I can assume is that Jalbum requires Xwindows to install. If that is the case is there anyway around that is I ony have access to shell and FTP? Any information would be great… Thanks

I looked at the homepage for this software, and it looks to me like software you’d install on your own computer - then it will generate a website for you. It says on their website, it’s not a server side script. So it’s kinda like FrontPage, Dreamwever, or NVU, execpt it’s just for creating image albums.


Mattail… I’m a moron… I knew this and after I read it, it dawned on me. The reason I was confused was I ran jalbum directly on my webserver as a client and it build the webfolders but I punched a hole through my FW to allow access to the webfolder directories…Thanks for the help.