Dear Support,

I have question regarding the Jabber service you are offering:

  1. What server are you running?
  2. Are you running one server or multiple servers (one per customer?)
  3. Can you configure the server to accept new user’s registration requests from a jabber client or should I enter the new users via the web panel?
  4. If you require new users to be entered via the web panel. Can you provide a way to automate it from my website instead of going to the web panel and enter the new user?
  5. What is the max number of users than can be online concurrently? What is the max number of users that can have accounts on the jabber server?

Thank you for your great service.

I can say that last I looked you could only add users via the panel, adding via script would be very nice, but alas, no can do.


FYI, you can’t edit the jabber config file :frowning:


I asked support this question:

“Is it possible to add Jabber accounts via an api or shell script”

The answer is: “at this moment: no”.

I’d like to have this feature added, so I voted up this suggestion

“2004-07-12 Goodies - Jabber IM Allow “open” creation of new Jabber users, rather than just through the web panel.”

at https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.sugg&