If we initiate jabber, do we manually have to add each user through the control panel or can that process be automated? I like the idea of it, but not sure if I want to go to the trouble of adding every single account.

I think via the panels is the only way at this stage, as the Jabber based user registration has been disabled on DH I believe.

This is no different from email or ftp accounts though. They all have to be created though the panels, so I don’t quite see why it should be a problem.



I was able to create new users (below) with a PHP script. Unfortunately DHOST seems to lock files that fall into the JABBER directory of my account. This is a real shame, since we can so far create files, but can’t modify/delete.

Hey DH, how about un-locking the JABBER directory and let us modify things here ?



PHP for XML JABBER accounts Enter New Jabber User Name: Enter User Pass: <? if($NewJabber == "") // create file with NewJabber as name { } else { $FileContent = "". "\n$UserPW". "\n". "\n$NewJabber". "\n$UserPW". "\nDefault". "\n". "\n". "\n"; $FileOpen = fopen("ftp://enterURLhere.com/jabber/URL.com/" . $NewJabber . ".xml", "w"); fwrite($FileOpen, $FileContent); fclose($FileOpen); echo "User $User has been created"; } ?>